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A1 paper size is a popular world-wide standard used in most countries across the world. A1PaperSize.org also displays the Canadian, US and South American standard called ANSI D. ANSI D is almost the same size as A1.

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A1 Paper Size


What is A1 Paper

A1 is exactly half the size of A0 and double the standard of A2. Most countries use A1 as a standard excluding the US, Canada and South American countries.

When to use A1 Size

A1 is used for large C.A.D drawings of buildings and product prototypes. It is most commonly used for displaying large artwork such as posters and other information signs.

What Are The Differences Between A1 and ANSI D Size Paper

ANSI D is used in Canada the United States of America and some South American countries. While A1 size is used in all other countries.